Life Insurance and PPLI

Life Insurance and Private Placement Life Insurance

 We found a very educative blog post about Life Insurance and Private Placement Life Insurance: “This Life Insurance Lets the Very Wealthy Invest in Private Markets and Defer Taxes,“ by Andrea Riquier

Life Insurance and PPLI“No matter who wins the White House and Congress in November, tax law changes loom large, reviving interest in a tried-and-true strategy for the ultra-wealthy.“

The blog post discusses the concept of using life insurance as an investment, particularly focusing on its tax advantages and benefits for retirement and estate planning. It highlights how life insurance can build up cash values tax-deferred and pay them out tax-free, emphasizing the potential tax benefits for wealthy families. The post also touches on leveraging life insurance for investment purposes, maximizing life cover through premium finance, and the role of life insurance in investment diversification and tax-advantaged growth.

Here are some insights:

  1. Purpose of Life Insurance for the Wealthy:
  2. Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI):
    • PPLI is a specialized form of universal life insurance available exclusively through private channels (not publicly offered). It is specifically designed for high-net-worth individuals.
    • Tax Efficiency: PPLI aims to reduce taxes on investments. By structuring investments within a life insurance policy, wealthy clients can benefit from tax-deferred growth and potentially tax-free distributions.
    • Tailored Solutions: Consulting with financial planners and insurance professionals, such as Michael Malloy and his team at EWP Financial, is essential. They can help customize PPLI policies to align with the unique needs and goals of each client.

Remember that PPLI is a sophisticated strategy, and seeking professional advice is crucial to maximize its benefits. Michael Malloy’s expertise in this area makes him a valuable resource for those navigating the complexities of wealth management and estate planning.


by Michael Malloy, CLU TEP RFC.
CEO, Founder @EWP Financial

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