4 Essential Minutes on PPLI Series – 4

Four Essential Minutes on Private Placement Life Insurance, (#PPLI)

Part 4

The Six Principles of Expanded Worldwide Planning, (#EWP)/International Tax Planning and more questions answered by Michael Malloy CLU TEP RFC

Welcome. In this video, we will define the six principles of Expanded Worldwide Planning or EWP. We will also answer the third of our important questions: Will I be audited. Let us begin.


This is a very private setting, but today intruders find many ways to invade our privacy. Our clients are looking for ways to keep their affairs private, and still be compliant with tax authorities worldwide. But as you know, it is a cat and mouse game that takes study and constant attention to detail. In this case, we don’t quite know who is winning.

Asset Protection

You don’t want this to happen to your hard earned assets. Asset protection is an integral part of an EWP Structure. EWP Structures make assets inaccessible to creditors, and thos seeking to claim them without legal authority.

The inaccessibility of this lighthouse mirrors the methods that EWP Structures use to make your assets inaccessible to creditors.

Tax Shield

A tax shield is an important EWP principle. Why pay more tax than is necessary? You can legally pay far less tax by placing your assets into an EWP Structure.

An EWP Tax Shield is very difficult to penetrate like the shells of these tortoises.

Succession Planning

Especially in jurisdictions that have forced heirship rules, Succession Planning is vital to clients. Most clients wish to distribute their assets according to their own wishes and not according to a plan that is dictated by a government agency.

EWP Succession Plans promote family harmony like the two generations depicted here.

Compliance Simplifier

The simplicity of this image reveals out straightforward approach to compliance.In today’s world attempting to hide assets only draws more attention to them. EWP Structures are compliant with the world’s tax authorities, and at the same time achieve maximum privacy.

We give you a clear path through this maze of confusing regulations.

Trust Substitute

In some jurisdictions, in particular, those that use civil law as opposed to common law, a trust substitute is essential. Why create an entity that in the end will just be ignored by tax and legal authorities?

Like the two blue eyes of this cat, EWP Structures work in both civil and common law jurisdictions.

Will I be audited?

The answer is, “Most probably, No.” To explain further we will use an analogy of cars traveling on a motorway or freeway.

On the audit questions, audits can be triggered randomly or for a variety of reasons. EWP Structures are designed to comply with all aspects of tax law worldwide. To begin our motorway analogy, where are EWP Structures positioned on this motorway?

The fast lane is for the risk takers. Traveling at every aster speeds until the inevitable occurs.

In the slow lane are those drivers who wish to travel at a leisurely pace to reach their destination.

In the middle lane are those drivers who wish to not be the fastest on the road or the slowest.

In the universe of financial planning tools, EWP Structures are traveling in the middle lane, and do not attract undue notice from tax authorities, and thus are not a likely candidate for an audit.


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The opinions expressed in this video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual on any financial structure, investment, or insurance product.

by Michael Malloy, CLU TEP RFC.
CEO, Founder @EWP Financial

Michael Malloy-CLU-TEP