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The Wit and Wisdom of Professor PPLI

How to Achieve Exceptional Asset Structuring with Private Placement Life Insurance

– by Michael Malloy, CLU TEP RFC



I would like to introduce you to Professor PPLI, a bird of many talents. He is well versed in tax law, life insurance, and the many topics that support a knowledgeable presentation of Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI). With his great expertise, he will guide you through the myriad structuring possibilities of this unique asset structuring tool–PPLI.

The territory is vast, but with his keen bird’s view, he can assess structuring possibilities applicable to your own unique situation–those impossible to see with normal sight.

To better acquaint you with the territory, he will present you with our original sources of inspiration. He calls them concept maps, but they are most akin to preliminary sketches. You will find these concept maps at the end of each of the three chapters. Think of them as the first sketches that brought the topics to life. They were the springboards to a more in depth presentation that takes place in the fifteen articles.

Professor PPLI will help you navigate through the six Elements of EWP to see more clearly which structure would fit your personal needs the best. He has served wealthy families throughout the world in structuring their assets, benefiting these families with enhanced privacy, asset protection and tax savings in one single unified structure.

This territory of the six elements of Expanded Worldwide Planning (EWP) is not uncharted, Wikipedia has already recognized it by featuring the six elements prominently on their page “International Tax Planning.”  We have reproduced this Wikipedia page in its entirety to give you first hand a detailed look at these six important elements.

There is much good material on PPLI of a more academic and scholarly nature. This is not our aim. Like a keen sighted bird of prey, Professor PPLI sees opportunities where the six elements of EWP are combined specially to untie the knots of difficulty that may be embedded in your current asset structure.

Our choice of images furthers our aim to instruct in a deeper more holistic manner. We invite you to make connections between the images and the written text. This gives you the ability to bring your own experience and understanding to our topic of PPLI structuring–not a direct academic understanding, but one that is unique to your own life experience. Our hope is that you make this knowledge your own and benefit directly from it.


by Michael Malloy, CLU TEP RFC, @ Advanced Financial Solutions, Inc

Michael Malloy-CLU-TEP








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