Did You Know This About #PPLI & #EWP? – Episode – 5 – EWP: The Deep Internal Design

Did you know this about Private Placement Life Insurance
Expanded Worldwide Planning?

EWP: The Deep Internal Design

PPLI Is a Cornerstone of Stability

In this Episode we explain the elements that comprise a successful EWP Asset Structure. We also reveal why an EWP Asset Structure always outperforms a taxable investment. Our conservative and straightforward approach to asset structuring gives you the maximum amount of tax efficiency, asset protection, and privacy. This is why an EWP Asset Structure has the reputation as the best asset structure available today for wealthy families worldwide.

Key to an EWP Asset Structure is how the investments are handled. To give you excellent insights into this key topic, we bring you an article by Bradley Barros from The Street: C Suite Advisors. Mr. Barros describes PPLI as “the ultimate ownership structure for high-networth families and individuals.” Here is how Mr. Barrors outlines the investment components of EWP Asset Structures:

  • An Insurance Dedicated Fund (“IDF”) holds the majority of the policy investment assets. The IDF is a preferred vehicle to hold assets within a policy structure. Separately Managed Accounts (“SMA”), properly administered, are permissible.
  • The creation of the IDF and the manager you choose is client need driven.
  • Based upon performance and consultation with the insurance carrier.
  • Flexibility is built into the policy and the investment strategy, allowing changes when desired.
  • The IDF or SMA are designed to achieve a diversified portfolio.
  • The portfolio will become more diversified over time as earned dividends are reinvested without deductions for taxes.
  • In addition, the manager can sell appreciated assets without capital gains exposure. This would be done confidentially due to the policy asset protection.
  • The policy structure is designed to both protect assets and maintain anonymity.

Investing Through a Customized Private Placement Policy

  • PPLI policies, and the contract structure and terms, are customized to suit the client, their needs, and their situation.
  • These policies can hold traditional bankable assets, as well as a variety of business interests in nearly any type of industry, commercial and residential investment real estate, intellectual property rights, music catalogs, artwork, oil and gas holdings, and other holdings as part of the Cash Value.
  • The policy Cash Value can be structured to grow tax advantaged, accessed tax-free through withdrawals and policy loans that do not need to be repaid during life, and tax-free death benefits
  • Policy holders may suggest their own trusted investment advisors to oversee and manage the policy cash value holdings, subject to communication with the PPLI insurance carrier, and investments may be held in custody at the selected investment manager’s firm.
  • There is complete transparency of costs on a pre-arranged term sheet. There are generally no commissions, only fully disclosed management fees charged by the PPLI Insurer.
  • The policies can be owned by trusts and other structures that are regulated by state law and provide valuable privacy and protection to policy owners and beneficiaries.
  • The policy Death Benefit may be acquired at a much-lower net cost, versus mass-marketed and retail insurance policies.
  • Policies may distribute life insurance proceeds “in-kind”. In-kind assets can include the actual stock or ownership interests in private equity and real estate”.

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by Michael Malloy, CLU TEP RFC.
CEO, Founder @EWP Financial

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