Tax Shield by Michael Malloy

PPLI Offers the Following Advantages

  • Adds tax deferral
  • Adds income, and estate tax benefits
  • Adds dynasty tax planning opportunities


The assets inside a life insurance contract offer the advantage of growing tax-deferred in most jurisdictions throughout the world.1 This applies to PPLI policies as well, and in a properly constructed policy shields the assets from all taxes. In most cases, upon the death of the insured(s) under a contract of insurance, the death benefit is paid out free of tax.2

Whereas planning with just trusts and foundations offers only limited tax planning opportunities, Expanded Worldwide Planning (EWP) offers a powerful Tax Shield. Adding a PPLI policy held by the correct entity in the proper jurisdiction creates an extraordinary dynasty planning opportunity.3


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by Michael Malloy CLU TEP RFC, @ Advanced Financial Solutions, Inc

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